Festivus Airing of Grievances 2016

festivus-poleInternet Ads
Ads that don’t load right away, and move the content away from what you started to read when the full page finally does load.

Ads that take up over 70% of the web page. Ads before the main content. Ads on both sides of the content.
Ads in the middle of the content, and ads below the content. The page is mainly ads. Ads that you eventually clicked because you were just trying to scroll the page or were forced the hit “next” to continue to see the content for which you came, but an ad popped up right where you tapped instead.

Web pages featuring stories that do not exist

Instead, you are taken to a webpage with a picture of the main story and the rest are all ads. You search for a link to go to the actual story only to realize there is none.

Stories where the complete title is…

Web pages that make you click next an endless amount of times to get through the content. I know they are trying for SEO ranking (internal page clicks) but it is the same story. Google should penalize those bastards.

Fake news pages with the words “Breaking” “Epic Takedown” “Brutal” “Slapdown” “Shocking” None of these adjectives describe the actual content which should be labeled “underwhelming.”

The articles are either fake or are from news sites with no creditability.

Political talk shows of all denominations, I ain’t prejudiced.

Politics – just politics in general. Makes me want to run for an office to show them how it’s done.

When an employee is not doing their job!


I was asked recently to detail a situation where some employees were not performing their assigned critical tasks and how did I handle the issue.  My reply is below:

In these situations I have found that direct communication with the team or the employee is usually achieves the result. Find out what are the obstacles and help facilitate the removal of said impediments. Once knowing the issue, Conflict Management skills and Negotiation may be necessary. Part of a project manager’s job is to ensure that a good Risk Management plan is in place for human resource issues, as well as the more technical challenges that a project contains as well. I typically work as a collaborative manager thus ensuring more buy in from both the team and the stakeholders

Start the Journey


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Start The JourneyI have read many books on the subject of careers and life planning. But what I have found is that life is a process that one cannot stop to examine. One must let the process flow, in order to figure out how the whole thing works. The advice I have given to the youth about career planning is to plan as much as you can, but when push comes to shove you need to start down the road. You make the best choice at the time with whatever limited information you have, and then you put one foot in front of another. Are you on the right path? You will know sooner or later.

As Frank Herbert says in “Dune” “A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.” 

Some people find their interest early and stick with it for the rest of the time on this planet. Others find their interest early, but change their mind later, for many reasons. Some never find their interest in life, but enjoy the journey of search. Others never find their journey and worry about that all their life. You choose you your life, there is no playbook. Flip a coin if you have to, but get on the road to discovery earlier.

Another quote from “Dune” goes like this — “The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”

It Doesn’t Matter If You Are A Republican Or A Democrat – Just Vote!


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I Voted TodayIn the United States, today is election day. No, we won’t be voting for a new leader to run out country, however, we will be voting for new governors, new members for the Senate and for the House of Representatives who are up for re-election or their terms have run out. At this time we also vote to retain local judges or to release them from their duties. School board initiative are also on the ballot as well as local health care bills. Various political parties support these initiatives and each have their own agenda. Whether you agree with a political party or not, vote your conscious and make the effort to participate in your own destiny.

George Washington was a member of what political party? Republican, Tory, Whig? None, really, because political parties were just developing during his
administration. The original political parties developed out of the need for organized groups of like-minded men (at the time). Alexander Hamilton, then the
Secretary of the Treasury, organized the Federalists. Thomas Jefferson, who did not agree with many of the policies of Hamilton, formed the Democratic
Republicans. This is the predecessor to the current Democratic Party. Other early parties included the Populist Party, also known as the “People’s Party”; the
Socialist Party; the Anti-Masonic Party; and the Whig Party. Abraham Lincoln was a Whig until the party fell apart in 1856. The pro-slavery Whigs became
Democrats, while the anti-slavery Whigs went with the newly formed Republican Party. Since 1860, the current format of Republican and Democratic parties
has been the norm. Continue reading

In Search Of Unity


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Arab attachment to the British ArmyWith the rise of the House of Saud, the Arab world had another contender for power in the Persian Gulf. After several attempts of the Saud family to take over the area, the Saudi found itself in conflict with various tribal clans that go back to the days of the Ottoman Empire.

During the first rise of the House of Saud, under Muhammad Ibn Saud, attacked and captured the cities of Mecca and Medina, clearly in the Hashemite locus of control. Years later, with World War I at the beginning of World War I, because the British approached Hussein bin Ali, the Sharif of Mecca, to join them in their cause in attacking the Ottoman Empire in the hopes of distracting the Turks in their aid of the Germans during the war. However, once the British withdrew their support of Hussein bin Ali after the First World War, Ibn Saud immediately went after Hussein bin Ali’s land of the Hejaz. Continue reading