Tucson, AZ
2006 – 2009
Provides online technology staffing and consulting

Application Development Manager

Sr. Technologist and Leader contributing expertise to develop Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for client projects. Led efforts in negotiation of feature sets, timelines and resources with client stakeholders. Participated in Choice Works Management training program to continue and enhance the development of internal talent.

  • Set up operating policies and procedures that ensured efficient communication and project completion
  • Surpassed 98% of project completion goals every quarter for 3 years in a row.
  • Developed and implemented SEO strategies for the building and maintaining company and client’s web traffic by 87%


Tempe, AZ
1997 – 2006
Providing Trade Promotions and Advertising Services

IT Team Lead, Application Development/Project Manager

Technical Lead for a team of developers, database and network administrators, Met directly with clients for all phases of development, including initial, concept, design, building, and maintenance stage of the project. Actively participated in resource planning, equipment allocations, software purchases, and budgetary issues.

  • Project Manager for clients that include Microsoft, Sony, Panasonic, Western Digital, Fuji, Ebay, and Apple
  • Partnered with Sony management and SAP integration teams to produce a solution that captures and gains compliance with Sarbanes Oxley regulations
  • Consistent collaboration with ACB’s sales department directly increased the company bottom line upwards of 68% by working diligently with each of my clients to bring in new business and to retain existing business.


Phoenix, AZ
1995 – 1997
Arizona’s leading commercial landscape supply and home garden center

System Administrator/Inventory Manager

Administrator for Novel Network of over 40 desktops where applications utilizing MS Word, Excel, Access, Great Plains Accounting System (11 modules) and a variety of other programs were developed. Created Gardener’ss World integrated 5 million dollar inventory Database Application.

  • Successfully reduced Semi-Annual Inventories from 1.5 weeks to 1 day utilizing best practice inventory management techniques and development of in-house inventory software.
  • Developed a Barcode system that seamlessly integrated with the company’ss current accounting system to help facilitate inventory control.

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