festivus-poleInternet Ads
Ads that don’t load right away, and move the content away from what you started to read when the full page finally does load.

Ads that take up over 70% of the web page. Ads before the main content. Ads on both sides of the content.
Ads in the middle of the content, and ads below the content. The page is mainly ads. Ads that you eventually clicked because you were just trying to scroll the page or were forced the hit “next” to continue to see the content for which you came, but an ad popped up right where you tapped instead.

Web pages featuring stories that do not exist

Instead, you are taken to a webpage with a picture of the main story and the rest are all ads. You search for a link to go to the actual story only to realize there is none.

Stories where the complete title is…

Web pages that make you click next an endless amount of times to get through the content. I know they are trying for SEO ranking (internal page clicks) but it is the same story. Google should penalize those bastards.

Fake news pages with the words “Breaking” “Epic Takedown” “Brutal” “Slapdown” “Shocking” None of these adjectives describe the actual content which should be labeled “underwhelming.”

The articles are either fake or are from news sites with no creditability.

Political talk shows of all denominations, I ain’t prejudiced.

Politics – just politics in general. Makes me want to run for an office to show them how it’s done.