My proudest achievements professionally is that I can take an idea for a product or concept, work with a few special people, and create a solution that is greater than the sum of their parts.  Like a movie director, taking a vision and running on it to create a product, or solution that meets the customer’s requirements.  Meet project deadline objectives, and overall, makes money for all involved or achieve the intended results. Several projects come to mind, one was when I was working over at the Advertising Checking Bureau.  I was in the middle of a large project for one our major clients and my boss came to me and requested that they needed me to transition off my project and take over another one.  The Project Manager for that project left the company and they wanted me to take over the project.  I started a transition plan that would move my duties to several individuals, allowing me to move slowly away from the project and allow a new project manager, to take over and not be overwhelmed.  On the other hand,   I would not have the luxury of phasing into my new project.  Due to project timeframes and the morale that the last PM left the team in. it was a major entertainment company that I stepped in, took control, and reorganized the project, communicated our plans to the customer, and tackled any development issues head on with the customer.  In less than four month, I moved back to my original project team.  What I left with that project was a stable communication plan, a stable quality control process, and team members in good morale, with an enthusiastic team spirit. Customer’s satisfaction increased, becoming a standard for the company and the product that we delivered to them they still utilized the software solution today, and the customer is still happy.