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Church © Alptraum | Dreamstime Stock PhotosFirst I thought about being born around the beginning of the 20th century. But then I thought about the diseases and lack of utilities like the toilet and toilet paper. That already knocked off the 19th century off my list. I didn’t want to be born in the 1920s because I would be just right to be obligated to go to WWII. If I was born in the 1940s I thought it would be cool to experience the 1960s in my twenties with all the music and free love and living expenses were much lower. But that meant I would have to live a life similar to my father’s and I would want that. I thought about being born in the 1970s but cinematically and musically the 1990s wasn’t that great and the 80s were better. Being born anytime after 1980 isn’t an option for me because I wouldn’t know all that I know know to understand all that could have been.