The concept of god/God has developed over thousands of years. The concept has evolved and has been reshaped, multitude of times separate of what God may actually be. In Man’s attempt to understand their surroundings, they initially did take the concepts around them and started to form them into an all-purpose, and all in one god. The Canaanite deity Elyon was adopted and reshaped into El. Many human like attributes were said to be his, like jealousy, angry, demanding, loving, and forgiving god. As time went by and after the Semite peoples known as the Hebrews, then the Israelites, then once establishing Judea, they became the Jews. During several tumultuous periods of captivity and rebirth, the concept evolved even more. Just before the time of Christianity, the concept of God changed into something less emotional and more of a spiritual being. As Christianity took over the Jewish God El who became Elohim, and eventually YHWH/Adonai and under the Roman Catholics Jehovah, this concept of spirit was “fleshed out” a bit. God is all-good, God is all-wise. God is all powerful, God is all knowing. This description was not about defining the Universe, but the One who could create this or any universe. If you read the Old Testament of the Bible, you will find many laws that were actually just plain common sense for the times. Like don’t eat the pig (because the creatures eat its own feces you will not be able to cook it enough to kill all the diseases in it) or don’t make the latrines within your camp, etc… My personal thoughts on the subject of Worship come down to this. We are meant to worship our creator by being the best human I can be and treating all other humans with dignity and respect as well. For what purpose would a god or God want offerings of blood, sacrifices, or anything of this world, for he needs them not? I do not worship laws of physics but I obey them, as I have not yet achieved the ability to forgo them and create my own laws of physics…yet.