Country Road

Country Road © Johnlric | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Since before the beginning of civilization, man has been trying to understand the world around him. He writes books like ‘The Bible,’ ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh,’ and ‘The Egyptian Book of the Dead’ and other philosophical or religious thoughts on the matter will continue to try to answer these questions.Humans will always look to the heavens for an answer. Why the human race continues to look toward a divine being that we can petition with our prayers and offerings, is because we seek to have some control over our fates. If those prayers or offerings are refused, (we can tell because our petitions go unheeded) we rationalize that perhaps our god (Jehovah, El, Elohim, Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Jupiter, Krishna) or the being currently in charge like an emperor, king, or president) doesn’t believe we, humankind, are worthy of survival, Now we are left with the question we started with — why? Why was this flood inflicted upon us. Is God mad at us because of our beliefs, our actions, our hypocrisy? It doesn’t matter, humans are flawed, and no matter what we do, think, or say, it is not going to change the fact that the universe works in mysterious ways, and we humans are just small specks of stardust in the cosmos and the divine behind it all doesn’t take sides, but, just shakes his head and continues on doing whatever divine beings do.